Thursday, February 18, 2016

- Greetings! Anybody down there? i hear noises but can't see you -

- I am nearby, I hear you too...

- i'm climbing across a great field of long, strong, stringy things right now. Maybe you are on the other side?

- I don't think so - I'm standing in a barn. I don't see anybody. How come you sound so loud and clear?

- and you sound so very near? (pause) maybe you are a ghost?

- Neigh! said the horse. I'm alive and big as you please! Maybe you are blind?

- Nope. i've crossed the field of long, long stringy things and am resting between two huge pointy peaks with dark ground cover. There are bits of hay and hayseed here. It's very warm and safe - i'm quite content, said the ant.

- You are quite loud now! A mystery, said the horse.

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