Monday, May 18, 2015


The first week of September, 1987, we took a trip to Colorado. Despite some illness and minor accidents among us, a number of wonderful memories still stand out. The Rocky Mountains were cool and lush with summer life. Streams of crystal water from the melt of the previous winter's snow, large stands of white-barked aspen trees, and dozens of ruby-throated hummingbirds at feeders at a lodge in Redstone come to mind. We visited a very small town near there, Marble, where marble was mined, and took home with us a white marble sphere about the size of a baseball.

The skies were clouded, though, and there was more rain than was pleasant for camping so we ended up at an unplanned destination, Mesa Verde National Park in the southwest corner of Colorado, somewhat away from the mountains. The weather for tent camping was perfect, with clean fall breezes moving in. We took a guided hike through some of the ancient Anasazi architecture carved into the side of a hill, structure that was both very functional and visually intriguing.

I lived for three years in Colorado as a young adult, and many years later still marvel at the varied natural wonders and experiences available there. 

post script:

The marble sphere was a polished product purchased as a souvenir.

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