Saturday, May 9, 2015

hermit crabs
wander the sands
in search of shelter
just right for them

here's s shell
just a might bigger than the last
not too heavy to carry
but lots of room at last
oh that's one happy little crab.

where are the hermit crabs?

i heard the question
and looked around
and though not on the beach
there goes one now

up and down
Foster Lane

zipping to and fro
a crab to every motor car
so cheerfully they go

there walks a young lady now
eagerly to a shell
she slides right in
varoom varoom
in love with her safe room.

all us hermit crabs
cruising down the lane
our shells so new and shiny
and some run down and plain

the sweet or grumpy faces
behind the wheel
we're hermits secure in our sealed up shells
with the spinning black wheels

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