Saturday, June 13, 2015

blackberry shortcake

June and July in the south mark blackberry season. Our mother had a blackberry recipe that was easy - and brought all of us happiness.

Blackberry Shortcake

Bisquick Biscuit Mix
Ripe blackberries picked from a sun-warmed field earlier in the day
Half and Half, or Whipped Topping(optional)

Sprinkle sugar on a couple of cups of plump rinsed berries. Stir until they are coated, and let sit until juicy.

Prepare 'Drop Biscuits' according to the recipe on the Bisquick box using the mix and milk. (You may want to make the shortcakes a little larger than regular biscuits. Some people add a little sugar to the dough.) When removed from the oven, still hot, use a mitt to protect your hands and slice each biscuit in half. Tuck in between the halves a pat or two of butter to melt. Place a buttered biscuit in each bowl. Put a generous spoonful or two of berries between the halves, and on top of each biscuit. Pour some Half and Half in a cream pitcher, and serve with the shortcake.

Conversation vanishes while folks are dining on this simple dish of heaven.

This recipe is also very wonderful with ripe strawberries.

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