Monday, June 15, 2015

Jamaican Bobsledders

Somewhere in the 1990s, we went to see a movie called 'Cool Runnings'. It was about these young men who grew up in Jamaica, on the warm tropical island. Like most young men, they felt the itch to leave home a bit, to find adventure, to do something great. The details elude me, but, after watching some of the winter Olympics on a neighborhood television, these fellows on an island decide they will somehow learn a winter Olympic sport and qualify for the event in time for the next winter olympics four years away.  They are determined.

They consult with a guy who happens to have been an Olympic medal winner many years ago. After some 'no way' reaction, he decides to give the fellows some guidance in their efforts. They decide to learn bobsledding.

Their journey is creative, amazing, sometimes harsh and sometimes funny.  The clashes with the different cultures they came upon along the way. As with most journeys, all are changed by their experience. The movie, very well made, is based on a true story, and I won't give away the outcome except to say Jamaica was so very proud of their sons.

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