Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Family First Aid

There was blood all over her sock.

Ana was so shocked by the sight, her mouth was open but no sound would come out. Tears ran down her face.

Dad pointed to Jeff. Jeff ran to the back hall and returned clutching a cloth horse by its mane of string.

'Here, Ana,' he said. 'Here's your horsie!'

And she hugged it to her chest.

Dad held her foot. His back was to Ana, and she could no longer see the sock, all red and white. She could not see her foot.

Jeff watched Dad at work, then looked at Ana. 'It's going to be ok,' he predicted.

Dad stood up. Ana turned away then looked back at her foot. It was wrapped up in a bandage, clean and neat. No more blood. Her toes stuck out the end and she wiggled them.

'There,' said Dad. 'All better.' He kissed Ana on her forehead.

'Bo-bo,' Ana said to horsie. 'All betta.'

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