Saturday, December 5, 2015

goat trap

the goat is crying
across the field
i roll and tumble
from my bed
and throw on day clothes.
across the damp summer grasses
i stamp and stumble.
the juvenile billy
is caught in the fence
in the graph-paper path
of the wire.
the squares
four inches by four
were just right
to accommodate
his head
as he stretched from the pasture
to the grass that is greener
on the other side
he poked his head through
ate his fill
and cannot return -
his curving horns
have trapped him to the fence
i cannot free
his strong neck.
his eyes bulge
he smells of panic
his calls vibrate
again and again
mehhhh! mehhhh!
i fetch the wire-cutters
cut him free
he bounces and leaps away
back to the herd.

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