Monday, August 22, 2016

science class '67

from middle school
science lessons
circa 1967 -

fact 1

the stars and planets
that we see
shine so bright.
the stars give light.
the planets
reflect light.

fact 2

our planet earth
and the planets we see
- such as Venus
and Saturn -
circle the same star.
we call that star the sun.

fact 3

many planets
have moons.
the dear and only moon
that circles around our earth
shines bright -

fact 4

is the sunlight we see
reflected off the
surface of the moon.

fact 5

earth's beautiful moon
also reflects
indirect sunlight,
that which is
reflected by the earth.
it's called
and glows
in faint
rich shades of blue.

fact 6

thus we on earth get to see ourselves,
our own sunlit planet's
lovely light,
mirrored by our moon.

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