Wednesday, September 14, 2016

'Do we throw away the apple core?' he asked his dad. 'I already ate the good part.'

'Are you kidding, Son?' said Dad. 'Give me that apple core! It is the BEST part. Inside this apple core are seeds that might make trees that can grow for a hundred years or longer. Thousands of apples for you and your children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren could come from these little seeds.'

Dad shook out two of the seeds, and set down the core. While he showed the seeds to his son, a squirrel came up behind him and carried away the apple core.

'Dad! Catch that squirrel! He's taking away the BEST part!'

They watched the squirrel leap up a pine tree and stare down at them, holding the core in his nimble little fingers.

Dad stared back and thought for a moment. 'Not to worry, Son. You and I can plant these two seeds. Squirrels are wonderful farmers. He'll take care of the rest.  There may be apples not only for us, but for his great great great grandchildren, too.'

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