Wednesday, September 21, 2016

grackle's planet

grackle flies by
a blue and white planet
on his shoulders

turtle calls up to him
from the floor
of the creek below

that looks so heavy
my shell is strong
let me carry that planet for you!

grackle circles wide
and sails back to the creek.
he lands next to turtle.

the planet eases off
the bird's shoulders
and turtle holds still
waiting to bear its weight

but the planet rolls instead
into the creek bed.
grackle pushes and nudges
with his beak
but cannot roll
the heavy sphere onto
turtle's back.

turtle wades
around the planet
steering through the shallow water
with his flippers

it starts to rain
the grackle and the turtle
stand watch
side by side

the planet does not wash away
it rocks and sways
and rocks and sways
in the creek current

the planet gets wedged;
creekweeds and stones
secure it to the floor
and it grows still

it does not budge
home now
a planet on a planet.

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